sconces i like

the other day while looking at the picture of my dining room i saw so so many many flaws...

namely the cheap (15 dollars cheap) sconces from ikea.

but not to be outfarted by the terrible light fixture and white blinds!!

for now, the chairs will stay pale aqua. (golf claps from you)

but probably black in the future so that the suzani pops a bit more.

in the meantime lets get some sconces...

prerequisites: must be plug in, must be under 100 dollars.

#1- $73. 91

this one is small and cute- brass finish


#2- 73.91

same sconce polished steel finish


#3- $99.98

polished brass finish, pleated shade (i love the pleated shade best)

bigger than the 2 above)


#4- $99.91

antique brass finish with a simple paper shade

same size as above


#5- $78.91

a schoolhouse, library vibe?

light bronze finish, also same size as above.


#6- $272.00

you know...if money weren't an object


they positively glow!!


#7- $79.00

pottery barn weston arc sconce

the arc part is cool.



moving onto the main light source...the chandelier/pendant/lantern debacle...

nelya at head over heels posted this pic a week ago and i fell out of my chair and died.

they are fantastic are they not??

i have searched high and low for something like this and no dice.

although they look somewhat makeable.

who can make these for me at a reasonable price?


also this lantern featured in elle decor makes me dizzy....


and this one delights me too...


layla grace

there are so many options out there and it can get confusing. so i am trying to practice make a decision decorating instead of the usual wait until something better comes along. who's got time for that?

your assignment is to pick your faves of the choices i provided.

sconces and overhead.

go back and look at the room here

and don't forget the black cabinet that's in there too..

and then come back here and make your choice.

i love you.