fiona honey in your face..

after reading this post beware of zombie heart eyes:


fiona had her final ballet recital at her preschool this week.

she's graduating on monday (supersad and happy at same time)

here she is with her teacher miss tiffany:

however before the big event she had playtimes and popsicles with her best, bailey...


her other best, ailey (i know bailey and ailey) showed up for crayons and hairsprayed buns...

(p.s. ailey in the middle is mollsballs' daughter- you'll remember mollsballs from this post)

not to be outdid by popsicles next up was pizza...


there was lots of picture posing...

and after the recital there was of course..

strawberry ice cream cones...

she subscribes to cake cones like me.

i got no time for hard waffle cones.

plus they don't hold nearly as much ice cream as mr. cake cone does.

stop growing up fiona.

it's happening so fast.

i barely remember your babyself.

i love you so.