the best giveaway in blogtown? shit yes it is..

ok, look...apart from maybe someone giving away a date with robert pattinson this (to me) is the best giveaway ever..

do you knuckleheads know raina from if the lampshade fits?

well i do and that makes me even more awesome..

she is an actual interior designer not someone who just blogs about pretty rooms..

and she is giving away her services..

as in she will re-arrange a room in your house for you..

you see raina just does this naturally and she is quite good...

among her many design talents,

she also owned and operated a few stores that she styled constantly and beautifully...

in fact when we had our blogger meet up here recently we would look at raina and think something might be wrong with her bc she had this distant, pensive look on her face.

when in fact she was just rearranging every store display we came across in her mind..

she has a gift.

don't believe me?

take a look at her house...

living room:


guest room:


daughter's bedroom:

basically raina rocks.

go to her blog, leave a comment and add your name to the virtual pot to have that room in your house that you can't seem to get a handle on finally look like the room you want it to be.

this is a great prize guys.

images via if the lampshade fits