check it...

leah an MFAMB reader left me a comment yesterday telling me to check out bryn alexandra's blog cuz she posted a fabric similar to my all time fave lee jofa confetti fabric..(how awesome is she for a. remembering and b. telling me?)

so let's look and see...

here is my all time fave:

lee jofa kwid confetti:

yes, it is gorgeous and at 82 dollars a yard too expensive for me.

even at designer trade prices it's too expensive for me.


let's look at the imposter:

sunshine and shadows:

not exact...seems white instead of cream. also the material probably won't be as luxurious or soft..BUT..

this shit is $8.95 a yard!!

totes worth a sample order don't you think??

available at quilthome.

thank you leah. thank you bryn.