design turd contestant #1: meet tera hampton

the designturds are returning to hgtv on sunday june 13th.

yay us.

meet me here every day so that i can unveil a new tard and their previous "work".

first up:

tera hampton...

Age: 41

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Tera calls herself “the quintessential all-American Texas girl,” and, as the daughter of a high school football coach, says she understands the seriousness of competition. Tera, who says she plays to win, owns a successful design business that specializes in home staging, color consultation and interiors. She characterizes her approach to design as “taking what you have and making it better,” and often spends little or no money to create great designs by rearranging items her clients already own. This married mother of three says she has a strong faith in God, family and community and enjoys using her skills to help those in need because it “feels good to make a difference.”


ok tera!! let's see what you and strong faith bring to the design table...

 WOOOOAAAAH!!! easy there tera..don't get too literal with the black and white and turquoise.


i think we all know how i feel about this color combo anyway..

here's an about some texture?

maybe a warm neutral to offset all that fucking PB teen puke..








either those walls are sponge painted or that wallpaper is sponge painted.

wait a minute.....IS IT MARBLEIZED?!?!?!

is it just me or does this whole place scream one stop shopping?

there is so much bullshit in this room i don't even know where to begin..



sadly, i am fairly certain this duvet is custom..



are those tuscan inspired trophy urn lamp replicas?

nice toss pillows.

jesus tera!!!

this room sucks dick!


(heavy sigh)..ok here's the deal tera...

your shit looks like bed bath and beyond threw up cost plus world market and then ate it which in turn came right back up viral style in the form of tuesday morning.

i hope for your sake you were just messin with me..