design turd contestant #2: meet tom vecchione

after yesterday's contestant we can only hope for something better right?

i think this guy is light years ahead of yesterday's turd..

Age: 46

Hometown: New York, N.Y.

For 23 years, Tom has worked at one of the world’s largest architecture firms. Now a design director, he regularly oversees projects for international clientele, many with building budgets in excess of $100 million. His parents encouraged his creativity, leading Tom to study architecture at Cornell and earn a bachelor’s degree in architecture at the New York Institute of Technology. Friends and coworkers describe Tom as a leader and compare his personality to a Jackson Pollack painting: bright, vibrant and filled with dynamic energy. Although he has an established career doing what he loves, Tom says his experience, energy and ability to thrive under pressure will make him a standout competitor on HGTV Design Star.

where tera's aesthetic was all manufactured, gross and uninspired i think tom's is easy, found and fun:

loving the worn green dresser and yellow garden stool...and assuming the styling is all him, i think it's great.. he has a great eye.


simple. even a little underdecorated...but i never scoff at blue and white dishes...especially a shit ton of it..


let's get a closer look at those dishes...




love the blue door, LOVE LOVE the rugs...

not loving the knotty pine panelling throughout the house.

if it were me i would have painted all of it white.



again i think painting all the panelling white would have brought attention to the gorgeous furniture and art in this room. loving the styling though. gay guys have the best rugs...and lots of them.



see? much more inspired don't you think?

i think for a country/lake/vacation house this place looks elegant and relaxed.

i am excited to see what this guy brings.