design turd contestant #3: meet trent hultgren

the next DT is named trent...

you might know him better from his other show...


Age: 41

Hometown: Venice, Calif.

Trent says that before he found success as a design business owner, his life had been on a far different track. Growing up in Winton, Calif., Trent spent much of his childhood working on his family’s cattle farm and attending church. He later earned a degree in theology, but after more than a decade traveling the world as a missionary, Trent says he wanted to learn more about life and explore his dream to be a designer. He taught himself the principles of design and decor and, with hard work and determination, he launched a career as a designer. In business, he adheres to his design philosophy to “tweak” a space by enhancing the existing room design. Trent believes that he has an edge on the competition because, after years as a pastor and world traveler, his ability to genuinely connect with people will help set him apart from the other competitors.

ok...let's see what kenneth trent brings to the table: we have an impersonal pottery barn photo shoot..and not even as good as pottery barn...

sea grass rug, sea grass table AND sea grass chairs???




i am fairly certain those orchids on the mantel are fake which is a HUGE no no in my book...


this guy loves a palm...


i would have chosen a different table...perhaps one of those gnarled grapevine/glass top numbers...


just..weird...and again with the palm..


this seems like a pleasant enough outdoor area...


fuck me!!! palms everywhere!!

i do like this one best so far though..

he seems to hate window treatments..






fake flowers but no palm..


 a note to stagers/stylists/decorators everywhere..

trays on a bed are stupid.

so here is my take on this guy..

he doesn't suck like DT number 1...but there is a lack of personality in his work.

could be his demise.

and he clearly loves sea grass and palms which might be his safe place.  breaking out of this might make him scream like rainman.