you should be very very jealous...

ok don't be mad. but i took not one picture. this is because i forgot my camera and was far from home.

so i am going to use my words.

there was lots of beauty this weekend.  in the form of big, amazing 5000 dollar linen sofas, fantastic old lights taken from some warehouse for nothing resold for thousands, unbelievably beautiful art and one helluva showhouse...but the real beauty was what was happening in the car, at the tables over food and drink and on the showhouse floors...

i met some fucking angels this weekend.

i really really REALLY did.

go ahead and puke's're just jealous.

from left to right:

susie from eye spy, raina from if the lampshade fits, nelya from head over heels, richard blais from top chef and gillian from ticklish from a distance. not shown are me (i was in the bathroom not pooping) and ally from from the right bank (she hadn't arrived yet).

i will be as brief as possible:

friday night i met up with the knuckleheads susie, raina and nelya at JCT kitchen where our waitress proceeded to murder us with her bad skin and scary eyes.  she actually took susie's credit card and said, "you better not run or i will chase you down", when we asked if we could move our party from inside (loudsville USA) to outside.  she was a bitchfacefartwad.

we got drunk and laughed our faces off. 

susie bought dinner and drinks.

a word about susie:

awesome with a capital sweetface. she really is like an angel. i think i prayed to her last night. i could hang out with her every day. there is an ease about her that is a perfect yin to my crazy yang.

end night one.

day two-saturday:

woke up way too eary after only 4 hours sleep bc supermike ran a 5k (and won) pushing fiona in a stroller.

met the girls at west egg on the westside for some eggs and shit.

i thought i might pass out in nelya's oatmeal...or at the very least with my head in her lap. she would have stroked my hair too, i love nelya.

and raina bought breakfast.

a word about raina:

tall, sexy, amazingly smartfunny but quiet about it (unlike me who is incredibly obnoxious with my funny) and wondrously kind and nurturing.  i want her to move here.

then we went to some very cool shops and saw some very cool shit that i wanted.

raina has pictures on her blog.

then on to lunch at flip burger (richard blais's place) which was outstanding. that burger made my skin sparkle like a cullen.   seriously i went immortal for a minute. go there now please and eat something. the onion rings are dumb too.

ally and gillian joined us for lunch and couldn't have been more cool.

a word about ally:

teeny tiny, gorgeous, fun and very cool. not enough time spent with her unfortunately but since she lives here we have no excuse not to hook up again..

i was pinching myself for real.

i mean really, any one of these girls could have either been a real doucher or an asshole.  BUT NO ONE WAS!!!!


nelya paid for lunch.

a word about nelya:

if you read her blog you might (as i did) imagine her as being as ethereal and soft spoken as her posts.

as fragile as one of her crusty walled rooms with ancient chipped tile floors..

not so. this woman is loud, funny and cusses like a sailor.

but she is also incredibly nurturing and sweet as pie, with skin like caramel and heavy cream.

after lunch we went to the decorators showhouse. amazing.

then to h & m for some shopping.

then back to raina's hotel for some groping and resting.

then off to woodfire grill for some kevin gillespie molesting.

food was heaven. really. the best ever.

at about 10:30 yours truly started having the shivers. as in my body said fuck you we're dunzos.

 my angels refused to let me drive home for fear i would fall asleep.

so nelya drove while susie, raina, gillian (who was constantly giving me that mothering eye to make sure i was ok) and myself headed down to the southside to MFAMB headquarters. 

we were still laughing all the way.

a word about gillian:

fun, very funny, gorgeous, sweet and a little bit dirty fo sho.

i have to say...the best part of all this was meeting these women and just hanging out. it's hard to find people that you genuinely like much less have a tremendous amount in common with.  we intend to keep this group solid and meet more often. for instance we didn't go to pieces and rape see lee kleinhelter or jill merkle. or south of market for some kay douglass fondling.  so there's still that..

if you live in the southeast or anywhere near us or just plan to be in the area, you need to get in touch for a meet up. bc we are just too fucking awesome to miss. you will be glad you did. i promise.

but if you are douchy in any way, please do NOT call us.

and go to raina's blog for pics and more story:

day one and day two.