word from the whole foods parking lot

so on friday night lightening struck our house.

shit exploded.

no one was hurt.

dining room light is dead which is good news bc that means i am justified in getting a new one.

bad news is that modem is fried. no blogging. hence the whole foods parking lot situation.

i figured i would post something for you to let you know that i am not dead and then go get some groceries.

i should be blogging again by tuesday.


desk/table painting project is coming along.

can't wait to show you.

brass love lamp is travelling to me as we speak.

will track down hot pink fabric for chair this week..

your panties are going to need changing. trust.

in sad news dennis hopper????


in his honor i give you the movie i quoted on a regualr basis in my 20's:

talk soon suave fuckers!!