design turd contestant #7: meet emily henderson

Age: 30

Hometown: Portland, Ore.

Raised in rural Oregon, Emily says she developed a creative nature because her family often made their own clothes and reupholstered their own furniture. After graduating from the University of Oregon, Emily moved to New York City and studied design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Described as charming, hard-working and having a fun sense of fashion, Emily soon found work as a design consultant with several world-renowned designers and stylists. Eventually, Emily’s talent and style, which she says is a mix of classical and contemporary design, led her to start her own business as a prop, lifestyle and tabletop designer. Today she is an in-demand photo-shoot stylist for top lifestyle and design publications and national retailers.


i love that her family made their own clothes and reupholstered their furniture.

and please, not in an aww-isn't-that-cute, they-were-poor-way...but in a wow, people-like-that-generally-tend- to-be-more-awesome-than-people-who-buy-shit-in-stores-and-have-no-taste-way.

for real, look it up.

but i see the stylist here and not the decorater/designer..

i think we can all agree this girl definitely has a good eye and has potential...

it's simple.

but this "portfolio" reads photo shoot for a stylist. which is ok, if that's all the work she's had.

i mean compared to turds 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 she's like donkeyfarts ahead of the curve.

i have high hopes for turd #7.

i feel like i have seen all of this on design sponge.