one-two- nut punch!!!

momentous day today loves...momentous day!

for starters it's lonny day..

i woke up to an email from my good friend raina at if the lampshade fits that said this:

"Good Lord.  Lee Kleinhelter is at it again with her condo, this time in Lonny.

Looks like shit.

She's a prime example of the stark difference between a designer and a shopkeeper.

  That condo model looks like a parking lot of furniture.  And I won't mention which piece gets the handicap

placard, because your readers would have my head.

It's hot as hell in Denver and I can't sleep.



i've had my first fast paced run through and i concur..

there were the usual suspects:

girly decor and fabric overload. and, apparently shower doors.


and i am pretty sure almost every bed featured had linens with striped borders.


and of course no lonny would be complete without these ubiquitous trends:



this was my favorite from my run through:

i thought it looked thoughtful and fresh. even the ducks.

even the goddamned ducks.

i will give my full review later..


now moving on to part 2 of momentous day 2010:

its RHONY reunion part 1 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


let the trannyoneshouldereddresscandyaddictedcrazyiwasn'tcawlingyouugly hateparade begin!!!!!!

see you later mah friends!!