design turd contestants #'s 8 and 9: meet dan faires and courtland bascon

 listen up fart farters...tomorrow night, that's sunday june 13th, is the premiere of the next design turd.

and i for one am extremely excited. for starters farters, mark burnett (survivor and the apprentice) is the exec. producer which basically means bigger budget for the turds. better resources. more interesting challenges.

well, one can hope.

i plan to shove two turds into this post and 3 tomorrow..

first up is dan faires..

he's wearing paint splattered pants to show that he is an artist first and foremost...

Age: 26

Hometown: Springdale, Ark.

Dan says his love for construction began when he and his father worked on the family’s home, a century-old place that needed constant repairs. Dan also found inspiration by frequently watching HGTV and was often eager to try the projects he’d seen. After earning a degree in biology from the University of Arkansas, Dan moved to Gulfport, Miss., for a job in medical sales, but his professional plans changed when Hurricane Katrina hit. The destruction of so many homes rekindled his passion for building and he soon left his sales job to join a construction crew. Dan, described as having a warm heart and an easygoing personality, continues to work in construction and design. He defines his style as “rustic” and believes that “design should always incorporate rustic elements because it adds texture and warmth to every space.”


dan and i agree that rooms should incorporate a rustic element for texture and warmth..

i actually LOVE the wall of windows. i think it's very cool. very mark and sally bailey.


plenty of rustic. i like the idea of rustic elements in a big ol loft.  but i certainly don't want everything to be rustic..i do like this image though.


too dark to see really...but i think this guy has potential. he sold me on his wall of windows.

i know plenty of you will hate them...and i totally understand why. and i probably would never have a wall of windows in my house that weren't actually attached to a wall with a view outside. but editorially, it works beautifully and as a room divider it is quite original. at least it's not a fucking shower door- lonny!!


next up is..

courtland bascon..

Age: 38

Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

Raised in a strict household in Boston, Courtland says his family discouraged him from studying the arts or expressing his natural creativity. As a teen, however, Courtland convinced his mother to let him take art classes and, once enrolled, his passion for design was born. Like many of his 10 siblings, Courtland spent years working with his father in the family’s masonry business. He credits this work and his world travels for his knowledge and appreciation of architecture and design. With a specialty in painting and faux finishing, Courtland says he is “in it to win it” and wants to become the next HGTV Design Star. Courtland, whose fiancé says he is charming, positive and a hard worker, believes that his ability to be a good team player will help him win the competition.


i think we have a cryer on our hands here. 

the one who will break down after every challenge and tell us how his family discouraged the arts bc art was for sissies.

just a predicition.


**warning: wallmuralfauxfinisheyebleeders

this is so very hgtv. vern is stroking it at night to this guy..



FUCK!!! MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!





13 pillows on one couch and TWO faux finishes!!

fucking bullshit brocade.



who else puked just now??

thank christ for that sink. it disguises puke beautifully.



poor skylar and charley.



i don't even understand this room!!

it looks like a baby hospital.


you go...

p.s. don't forget to come back tomorrow for the last 3 turd profiles..

and def tune in to hgtv at 10 PM eastern.

and on monday back here for the recap...