kabrel's los angeles craig- dining chair edition

a reader named kabrel emailed me and asked me to help her find dining chairs.

so i craiged it up in los angeles..

her house has a vintage modern vibe from what i could tell..with a bit of whimsy.

the table is contemporary, clean lines- wood.

here are my picks...


vintage modern panton S chairs- $800 for 6

i mean how can you not love these?

as far as im concerned done and done.

green leather spring style chairs- $12

 these rock hard too..he has like 22 of them and they are 12 bucks each!!


6 dining chairs- approx $250

 these painted would be girly but with the table i think it could be a nice juxtaposition.

there are a few cane backs in this list..i love them ever so..


4 vintage rattan dining chairs- $100 OBO

kinda kick ass, no? very retro.

painted glossy red or black with some chinoiserie-esque fabric.



4 dining chairs- $20 for 4

 these have a bamboo detail that i like.

again new paint and fabric and they are simple and perfect.



estate sale- $1250

these folks had an entire dining room for sale.

inlcuding a very curvy, sexy buffet.

just needs paint..

the chairs are pretty as is..just need some gorgeous seat fabric.

dining chairs- call for pricing

these 2 sets come from the same house and the prices were confusing...

but the chairs are gorgeous!

either set.

yes, paint and fabric.


6 louis style dining chairs- $350

6 louis chairs for 350 is AMAZING!!!

great deal.

bright white paint and turquoise leather??

fuck yes!!!!


4 mid century teak chairs- $395

modern and sexy. perfect condition. as is.


6 dining chairs- $120

these are so interesting!

6 for 120???

paint them black! ughh... i died.


8 chairs- approx. $795

perfect as is.  or black or gray or orange or red or yellow or deep bluuuuuuue!


holy shit i think i just jizzed myself.

i love shit with potential.

there is a lot here, yes?

good luck kabrel.

i hope you score some of this deliciousness.