i love friday and i love you

friday is important isn't it?

it's the day before the weekend.

the day you wake up and are happy the shitty week is almost over.

i went for a 3 mile walk today in my favorite neighborhood, druid hills.

big, old mansions built in the 20's and 30's.

i have been walking in this neighborhood for nearly 10 years.

i don't live anywhere near it (i used to) but sometimes i drive over to it, park my car and get out and just go...

i realized i was pregnant with fiona on a walk in this neighborhood. as in it was may and people had fresh dirt in their gardens and all i wanted to do was eat it.

weird, i know. but also a sign of pregnancy.

i really did know in that instant that i was pregnant.



friday is also the day most bloggers say fuck you!!

i'm outta here!!

and i am including myself in this group this time..

but before i sign off i wanted to give you all a gift for how awesome you are to me. whether you blog or not, whether you comment or don't..

i love you all the same..

sort of like paula deen loves a butter sandwich.

my gift to you is this..

i went through some of my design books old and new and scanned some of my favorite pics.

enjoy and happy farting weekend!!

(sorry, some are more scan-a-licious than others)

could you just die?? 

that gambrel purple? the soft romantic dining room with the roses on the wall?

the hanging lounge pit in the fucking tropics??? adler's purple desk?

which is your fave??


images via my books


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