big fat white rooms

a lot of people are afraid of white walls.  and white walls can be dreadful in a house.

that's because white is hard to get right.

on a white backdrop everything shows up.

but this can be a good thing.

take this house here:

when i look at this room i see everything in it. it all looks fresh and modern and pretty.  all white rooms could go very cold and antiseptic and i have seen this and i hate it. this room is cozy. take care to notice how they chose a white coffee table, white couch and those two little white ball stools. a very smart move.

i am on the verge of painting every room in my house white. bright white i think. or maybe varying shades throughout so that i can make the most of light. after all in a room that receives little to no natural light an all white room could look dreary and sick.  so do i go superwhite in the brightest rooms and a warmer white in the darker rooms? or is it the opposite?

i have been researching white rooms all week long and reading every single article i can find on the subject.

but i still come up lost and confused.  it's all so maddening!!!!

(i know raina..white people problems)

do any of you have any advice?


here are some white rooms to get your lady juices flowing like the ganges in springtime..


i realize the above image's floor is that pickled wood look but i absolutely LOVE that milky, chalky white on the walls..



this is a warmer white...more cream.



images via dti, bryn alexandra, if the lampshade fits, delikatissen, elle decor, house beautiful, house and home