gay for u

i've said it a million times but i really do mean it.

i love my readers.

you couldn't possibly know unless you had a blog and random strangers became your true friends. it's weirdsville USA times a jillion.

plus all the advice from you guys is really invaluable.

i can't thank you enough.

and i was really serious when i said i would take each and every one of you to a fancy hotel and light my farts.  honestly this is something i actually have done and it is quite an awesome spectacle. way better than the fourth of july.

all i need is a chicken dinner and a lighter.


i need something from you again!!


wine stoppers.

i am way picky though.

 no jewels on a piece of crystal please.

i drink wine every day.

because i love to live life to the fullest (drunk).

just one glass (two).

so there is always wine leftover

but so often the cork gets all jacked up and fat so i can't stick it back in.(hee hee weiners)

i need something that is cute but is about 5 to 10 dollars.

anthro sometimes has them on sale in their stores and i'm always like...but i'd rather have this candle..

so i don't get the stopper.

who's got the inside to cute, cheap wine stoppers?