more shit i scanned for you. it's a scan-y treat! like a scandy bar or a scan cream cone.

i'm like the fairy godmother of design blogs right now!!!

speaking of fairies...

while in budget crisis 2010 (as in no one in this family is working right now) there are a few things i refuse to relinquish.  one being this shit:


it uses agave instead of sugar (score 1 for the glycemic watchers and diabetics) and coconut milk instead of regular cow milk. which as we know is the devil to some of us.  plus dairy causes cellulite. seriously, cut that shit out of your diet for a month, your cellulite will disappear. (this does not include butter as i feel butter is really just angel's blood.) fills a much needed ice cream void while it is 4000 degrees here in the dirty south.

plus it tastes like fucking coffeeeeeeee!!!!  ($5.69 a pint bitches)

the other thing i refuse to give up is my sad magazine addiction.

and trust me when i say it is worse than yours.

so while i have CHOSEN to give up a few of the foreign options, this does not include elle decor france.

it never disappoints and it's only $7.95 US dollars!

so without further adieu...

i give you the adler/doonan (see above) new york apartment....

yeah, so i wanted to give you the full effect here but those foreign mags are so fucking big.

but i also gave you each individual page bc i'm awesome..

like i even needed to tell you who's place this was...

the dining room is so so so fab!  look at the height!! the windows!!!


i don't know if jonathan is working on a line of ping pong tables or if he had this one wallpapered but i DO know that i want to come over and play...

i was state ping pong champion in st. louis circa 1983 (no i wasn't) (yes i was)

my mom had that mommy zebra on the floor in our living room when i was a kid..


pretty fab isn't it?

i think he is a genius with color...he makes it all look so crisp and clean and fresh. no one color sticks out like a sore thumb. it's all pleasing. this is hard to do. most people try it and it ends up looking like a toilet full of barf.

merry june 29th...