go into the light carol ann

jupiter's cock!!!  i'm back!

my head is spinning with excitement.

i was lost and scared. lonely and angry. i was kelly sans jelly beans. 

i clearly was not making lemons into lemonade.

let me just say that life without the internet sucks peen.

and let me also say that i set this shit up all by myself. that's how much i missed you guys. normally i would be all...supermike will deal with it when he gets home from the job he hates. i'll make brownies instead.

not so my little loves..

for i needed to show you this:


a reader who shall be called 'C' decided that her love for me was so strong that she needed to send me this polished brass robert abbey lamp...

and while it seems that my desk is the same shade as my wall, it is not.

the desk is gray owl by ben moore, the wall is silver satin by ben moore. the desk has a tinge more green in it.



the cup holder is a pink murano glass vase and the copper and pale pinky silver mercury glass votives are from anthro.


bitches please.

my bedroom is a symphony in whites, pinks, grays and golds...

my chair is next...hot pink velvet on this:

i have some catching up to do on your blogs so stay tuned for my stoopid comments.

also stay tuned for more tards and their previous works..(*snort)

and could someone please tell me if RHONY is on tonight...

my on demand guide still thinks its funny to tell me shit is "to be announced".

i do not agree.

so good to be back.

i love you like sonja loves sex.