design turd contestant #4: meet stacey cohen

fact: sweater dresses make my butt throw up diarrhea.

Age: 35

Hometown: Chicago, Ill.

While growing up in Detroit, Stacey says that she was captivated by her parents’ vast art collection. She believes that the early exposure to art strongly influenced her love of design and sparked the development of her own creative voice. After graduating from Columbia College of Chicago with a degree in journalism, Stacey completed the interior design program at Parsons The New School for Design, where she refined her self-described “eco-friendly modern” design style. Today, it’s no surprise to Stacey’s friends and family that she owns a successful design business or that she’s competing to become the next HGTV Design Star. They say that she puts 110 percent into everything she does and that when she sets a goal, she achieves it.

i think stacey's work is boring. that's what i think.

this contemporary style can look too catalog if not done right.

i know there are a vast majority of people who think this look is awesome. but i feel like if you own a west elm or a CB2 catalog you too can acheive this look without a parsons school of design degree..

i still think this girl will go far in the competition..



change the fabric on those chairs to maybe a softer, rounder pattern and add some art or an antique-y mirror and this room would look a lot less cold and a little more personal..


that light fixture sucks and so does that tile!  that shit already looks dated.


is this a west elm catalog shot???!! 

i do like that pillow on the left though.






better still...


this girl has potential.

i hope she can figure out that a little "old" injected into a modern space works a shit ton better than all new and/or eco..