design turd contestant #6: meet julie khuu

Age: 29

Hometown: Santa Ana, Calif.

Julie, the youngest of five siblings, was raised in an environment where excellence was expected. Although her parents wanted her to become a doctor or lawyer, she wanted to follow her dream to become a designer. With a bachelor’s degree in interior design from The Art Institute of California, this self-described overachiever and socialite says that her favorite projects involve designing spaces for nightclubs. Julie, who says her design style reflects a “modern global glamour,” loves to work hard and play hard. Because of her looks and petite frame, Julie believes that she is often underestimated and must be “bossy and direct” in order for people to take her seriously. She says she’s not afraid to speak her mind and hopes that winning HGTV Design Star will prove to her family that she is a legitimate designer.


i think her family might be on to something...

i am a fan of color but these colors clash to me. also that fucking student art project on the wall is making my butt bleed.  and if there's one thing i hate most in the world of bad design it might just be the use of tchochke for the sake of filling an area. like those fucking twine balls!!!!!!!!! that shit is just dumb and not good dumb. the bowl would have been enough and a few books and the candles. otherwise it looks like a model home set up for potential buyers.

never a fan of chocolate and red. never ever. and the use of an egg chair doesn't save the space from looking pedestrian.


again with the stupid design school art project.

pedestrian. boring. no personality. i could do better people. where was my phone call to join this shitshow?



from this pov the color combo looks nice. it looks like lavender, chartreuse, and gray..which is kinda pretty. but no..the rest sucks too much. that granite sucks and so does that slate floor. together it's double suck.

fuck you poop door.



i can't reiterate myself anymore...with the pedestrian, boring, personality-less decor of these spaces...



and for the record personality doesn't equal shit glued to the wall...

love the curtain fabric though.


i think what i am discovering about design school is that they are teaching people to go shopping and fill a room.


i'm out of words. you go...


i will defend this girl now slightly.

in her bio she says her style reflects "modern global glamour". ok i can whole heartedly and confidently say that there is nothin glamourous or global about her design A.

but girlfriend can decorate the shit out of a club....


tacky it's true. but fun.