i have a shitty taste in my mouth...

this tard/retarded business has gotten out of hand.

i am not coming from a place of hate or ignorance. just humor. promise. while i still whole heartedly believe in my gut that calling someone a designtard is not at all offensive to retarded people, i am also a mother and i am willing to bet that if my child was retarded i would most likely not use the word tard. 

truth is, gentle and not so gentle readers, MFAMB is conflicted in a big bad way.

part of me, the artistic part, says fuck all of you. and the other part sees through your eyes.

more truth? no sleep for me last night.

and when shit weighs this heavy on me i have to fix it. make it right. make it better.

i swear if i opened one more email telling me i was making fun of retarded people everywhere i was gonna hurl my computer/blackberry off a very tall building.   and maybe myself behind it.

i got to thinking that this whole designtard series actually started as the design TURD series (no really, look it up there on the side).  but back then my blog wasn't as popular. not too many people were commenting.  this time it is a bit more popular. meaning i am reaching more people, more mothers of retarded kids to be exact.

i think you see where i am going with this.

i cannot continue calling these design buttholes, tards. not in good conscience.

i realize that some of you alternatively might be offended that i backed down from this. that i gave in, as it were.  and in a way, i'm right there with you. but i also know in life you have to choose your battles. i have a 5 year old, i think i know this better than anyone. 

it is just a word after all. but a word that apparently hurts.  a lot.

i am not that person.

but i still want to say FUCK YOU to people who came here to berate me with mean words. you can choke on my dick!  this is not for you. this is for the people who have had to hear that word in regard to someone they love and watch them hurt for it. no fucking way am i going to perpetuate that sickness.

and to you all i want to say i am sorry.



i am still here to make sure that these TURDS come correct in the world of design.

and i fully intend to draw all over their faces if i need to.