a couple of things..

 why has no one told me of the powers of sweet chili sauce on everything?

thai chicken legs?


scrambled eggs?


i am contemplating it for peen eating.

no i'm not!!!

(yes i am)



husband is out with friends tonight which means i am going to girl it up with the girliest of girl movies.

have seen leap year.

up to date on all of the twilight movies.

have not seen remember me with r patz but that austrailian chick from lost might be the worst actress ever in the history of the universe and i might eat my tv just to get her off of it.

have any of you seen remember me?  is the sheer power of r patz enough to see me through?

i need recommendations.

nothing sad.

unless it's romantic sad not preciouspushsapphire sad.

you have about 1 hour to come through for me.

movie time starts at 8.