pieces of pottery

sorry this recap has taken me 2 days to post.

diarrhea happened as did period related malaise.

i had a great time at the pieces party!

let's recap this bitch..

here is adler between 2 orchids

not to be confused with this bit of genius here -(for real watch this)

no. i didn't talk to him.

i honestly didn't know what i would say.

'hi' seemed so weird.

things like "your pottery is pretty" and "you're much cuter in person" seemed rude and dumb.

"i'm a blogger" seemed worse than if i had said "i wish hitler were still around".

he was rather diminutive. yet svelte and athletic.

he had on converse.

green i think. lime green.

he sat behind a burlwood table with a chrome base and signed pottery all night long.

i wasn't expecting this to be so much like a book signing.

i was hoping adler would get his drink on with me all of us.

i thought about buying a candle.


thought about stealing buying a chrome and metallic cowhide chair.


instead i drank. a lot.

i think.

pieces is small.


and full of goodness.

i think a lot of the goodness was moved away for party purposes.


i took a few pics right out the gate...

there were a lot of pretty, young people inside.

i am pretty sure they were filming an episode of gossip girl.

i spotted my new boyfriend brian...i call him rosie.


i think we mated.  humping definitely happened.

erika of blu label bungalow was there.

she is prettier than anyone ever.  like nubian i think.

i went with my best girl mollsballs...

that guy standing behind her i think has murder in his eyes. or love.

i have heat murder in my eyes.

bc it was 417 degrees inside pieces inc.

this made me murder-y for sure.

lee has clippings from her magazine features in the back office area...

things like this are always my favorite part.

and the bathroom:

i did not poop.

but i think i peed at least 4 times.


i stole this picture from erika:

lee was lovely.

and small.

the woman on the right was the PR lady. kyle.

she cut off my picture taking.

i was not pleased with this.

you see i waited til the end to take pictures bc there were so many people i couldn't get proper fab shots of all the pieces goodness.

everyone left and i started snapping left and right.

that shit got ended.

not..really sure...why.

so i stole a pic from sorellina:

i did manage to pet lee's dog.

who was soft, sweet and clean...

ryder (i think-i was drunk, maybe it was riley?)

but honestly...

this pretty much summed it up for me...

note to everyone:

if you invite me to your party i will either poop in your toilet,

lay down on your couch and start watching tv,

drink all of your booze and eat all of your food and probably bake a cake in your kitchen,

try on your clothes,

spray your perfume onto my body,

and hump you.

 ***so we're clear...

i had a great time...many thanks to lee and the pieces team for a gorgeous party.

i am humbled by your use of faux topiary all over the bar.

it was genius.