i will be getting my paint on this weekend...and it's gonna suck a dizzle....

hey there butterbutts.

my bathroom is black and i hate it.

MOSTLY bc its a crappy paint job done by me.

but also bc it has been black for 2 years. (ahead of the curve people..ahead of the curve)

i am going to be painting it this weekend.

behr's ultra pure white which looks like this:

the reason it will eat a dick is bc the ceilings in my bathroom are super high requiring a manly workman's type ladder. there are also skylights involved. and weird angles.

i am enlisting mike for help with the big painting parts...like the walls.

while i do the "cutting". that's painters talk for painting the edges.

pretty white bathrooms herewith:

if only the floor looked like this:

it doesn't.  it looks like throw up.

sadly the sink unit is not pretty either.

but i am thinking of painting it black...

like this maybe?

pretty cool don'tcha think?


i got this from ikea that i intend to use in place of the horrible ass faced light over the door.

it was 11 dollars.

i am going to paint the base matte black and hang it upside down please and thank you.

we are excited about this bathroom makeover, yes?

do you have any thoughts on sink cabinet painting?

any good advice or articles you want to throw my way?

a cake you want to send me?

first image via the brick house

also images from elle decor, living etc, decor pad, house beautiful