occular confection

 mostly i want to punch the selby in the throat..

but sometimes shit on there makes me smile.

would i want to live in this place?

no, but i want to be invited.


home of herve pierre- creative director for carolina herrera.

i know...that lavender settee and orange hermes box parade made me pee a little too.


i love mostly the fact that this opulent looking bed is accompanied by basically...nothing.

if this were your gran's house a whole lot of tchoch would be present.

somehow the sparseness makes it modern...like an art installation. word.


are you kidding me with that drawer of chocolate?

i would destroy this refrigerator.


giant expensive perfume bottles and little chair with toilet paper tantamount to chocolate drawer..


you see them don't you?

the little black gloved hands holding back those pink silk drapes?

creepy delights.


this shit is cardboard...


in my wildest dreams people...

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