showing design turd qualities

our master bath:

before you get all judgy i want you to know that i have every intention of changing the light fixtures in time.

and the keep calm poster pumps me up about as much as a pap smear. here is a shot of the weirdness of many walls and angles:

necklaces and things.

intend to get some cute hooks, instead of ghetto nails.


2 days after we moved into this house a huge oak tree fell on it and crushed the roof.

this is the damage remnants of a lazy contractor.

and paint job done by a douchebag (me).


worst light fixture ever?


more weird slopes and angles.

this black part actually sits about 4 feet below the actual ceiling:


about these paint finishes:

you see i got the wrong finish when i went to complete the paint job and have had to live with it's amateurishness.


huge windows.

i am thinking bamboo.


ridiculous amount of toiletries.

the cabinet finish is much lighter than this in person.

more orange.

and i can't for the life of me figure out why there is an extra freestanding sink in here.

it's foreign to me.


i did not post 872730482 pics of my bathroom so i could get a bunch of jacked up comments like;

"you need to tear out all of those walls and open up the space"


"that shit is so ugly my eyes are bleeding"

i am a renter.

i have a husband who can't see spending 11 dollars on a sconce for a space that doesn't technically even belong to us.

or the 66 dollars i spent on paint for this space.

(which as you and i both know is RIDICULOUSLY cheap)

but i intend to do the best i can to change the shit that's ugly into something that is pretty without spending a lot of money. as in next to nothing.

if any of you have any idea where i can get cheap and interesting light fixtures please let me know.