lonny. meh?


kath kidston's place was...cute...cheery...bright..some of it would make my eyes bleed after a while...i did like the bedroom's color palette:

 mushroom, red and white with dark wood.

the walls (i think) are striaed.  i like this.  adds texture.

hate the motel 6 curtains.

junky bedside tables for a photoshoot..yay or nay?

some might say this is good bc it shows real living..


vincent wolf's montauk house..

homie loves to prop up a picture. (and a mirror)

pretty and relaxed as this place was, i was woefully bored.


the brougham fellow.

loved the brown plaid chairs.

unexpected and great with the deep gray.

a pretty vignette.


and the ryan korban designed space was lovely..


somebody boho jenschke:

that lamp is fantastic.


this place was giving us lots of west elm..

overall i did enjoy this place.

overall i enjoyed lonny.  just no supremelove.

better than this month's house (not)beautiful.


eye bleeder:


some thoughts:

rachel ashwell's london flat: was this some sort of homage?

it failed to inspire.

kath kidston's place got the most coverage while rachel ashwell's coverage was marginal.

i liked all of these spaces

..but i am starting to feel like maybe we are getting too many little shots of cups on a table filled with feathers...or......

while i like these shots and i get the point..

i feel somewhat frustrated by them.

do you hear me people?