good day to you my butterbutts.

i am loving some of your ideas for the settee.

thank you for taking the time to add your 2 cents.

it helps the decision process on my end tremendously.

even if i don't use any of your ideas.

promise it helps.

as reward for your effort here are some good looking settees and settee surroundings...

it may come as no surprise that i am not a fan of bright colors...not so much.

it's hard to say that as a blanket statement. some days all i want is to look at the color orange.

but i know myself and i know that i am a neutral girl who loves to ADD color in pillows, flowers and pottery.

i tire of busy fabric fast.

i tire of trendy fabric fast.

so i think it's safe to say that whatever i choose for this settee it will most likely be neutral sans pattern.

with the possible exception of leopard. somehow leopard is a neutral for me. go figure.



my leopard isn't this flashy...

it's nubby and more beige-ish...

i loved the idea of lipstick red on the wood part with a dark charcoal or black linen for the seating and back.

i just don't think for the dining room the red is going to work.  but it IS a fabulous idea!!!




i toyed with the idea of navy but i have that hague blue buffet in there and it would just clash...


what about doing a take on this only instead of a metal frame i silver or gold leafed the wood??

pretty snazzy idea, no? 



i am eternally drawn to neutral rooms. what can i say?


but then BAM! just like that i love this purple too..

all those whites and creams keep this purple in the neutral area though.

perhaps i just want my house to appear as a canvas at all times so i can throw in a new pillow or lamp to change it up.









i think i just love that liquid screen the most.




toying with the idea of a solid velvet in something bright...

to go with the suzani chippendales already in there.

velvet + cat claws = suckness.



blue is a neutral. believe it..



chocolate linen?



this is not a jarring print..i like it.


ok, so here's the settee again:


here is what we are dealing with in the room:

ahh...the turquoise chippendales.

truth is i HATE the turquoise. they have never even been sat in since i had them reupholstered.

and the upholsterer did a beautiful job.

i am thinking about just selling them.

any takers?


here is the hague blue buffet which still makes me pee rainbows..

it looks black in this picture but it's the dreamiest shade of oily blue ever in the history of your face. a way i want this room to be a mix of blue, black, gray, taupe, chalky white and wood...with gold or brass accents where applicable. 

new thoughts?