design turd episode 9: NOT a diarrhea milkshake


the turds relinquish their turd status.

there is pretty here today people.

pretty i tell you!!!!

with the exception of mandice's clam diggers of course...

first of all fangtonio, last season's winner shows up.

 genevieve can't stop staring.."what is different here?" she says to herself.

"SHITFARTS!  his fangs are gone!!!"

thank you LA dentist wherever you are.


the judges tell the turds that they each get to design their own glass room using their show idea as their inspiration.

casey's show idea was something about using existing furniture to create a great space.

michael said something about helping people just starting out.

emily wants to do rooms based on people's outfits.


i am going to go ahead and tell you that casey goes home.

i tell you this now so that you can join me in my confusion.

personally i think michael should have gone...

i enjoyed casey's space. a lot.

here is michael's "dorm room"...

 he built a murphy bed, which is pretty cool. but that's kinda where the cool ends..

the furniture doesn' t make sense to me.

it looks as though the person living here made do.

i think it's the desk and desk chair that is throwing me.

they don't belong in this space.

and that tire rim table is just ugly.

there isn't enough here. 

he should have spend less time on the murphy bed, which admittedly took him the better part of the 2 days, and concentrated on the room as a whole.


then there's emily's room.

hands down the best of the bunch.

good job emily.


it looks like someone actually lives here.

the furniture works so well together and the color palette is yummy.

she got everything right.

the scale, the editing, the concept...which was this dress:

well done.

you win.


then casey's space:

i really liked it.

there are a few things that don't make sense to me.

like the column tables.

and the floor's finish.

her style is a little more refined and modern.

i wish she would have gone with a darker ebonized!!

i think it would have made that cool rug and persimmon red wall pop like miley's cherry,

as well as giving it a richer feel.

and i think there should have been a little more..emily nailed that aspect.

what did you all think?

i really thought it would be between emily and casey...

the host reels all kinda sucked.

michael was obnoxious.

casey was boring.

and emily had laryngitis and lacked focus.

this is really neither here nor there bc at the end of the day their shows will be written and produced and they will have plenty of opportunity to hone their hosting skills and practice not sucking. 

perhaps it was casey's outfit that got her sent home.

what is that?!