have you ever picked up a copy of AD Espana? how 'bout an std?

well i picked up both!!

ok, the std was years ago and it was just chlamydia.

the architectural digest espana i picked up today and it rocks my nuts!!!!

the architectural digest USA has been a real pukebowl of interior design for me over the years..

but now margaret russell is the new editor so we are all hoping that she turns it around.

i am certain she will...


spain has their shit together when it comes to design...











this is just a smattering of the goodness...

there is so much more..


this is the 2nd issue i have picked up, both have been outstanding.

 really interesting editorial photography.

it's a winner..


ok, audition updates.

i got an email about 15 minutes after i posted this morning that the auditions are being rescheduled for next week.

this is the 3rd time that has happened for this audition.

maybe "love" had to play some more tennis in a bikini and wedges:

do you think her nickname is because of tennis?


have a great weekend!!

i think i might poop out a RHODC recap in the very near future.