"ethan allen meets z gallerie"...

 i have raina from la lampshade to thank for that description.

lumann has a new place.

 sweet fuck what is this commoner drivel?

don't you dare say you like it.

bc you don't.

now i love a zebra rug, its a classic...but zebra lamps near a zebra rug?

and a big moss ball? hello 2005.


most of you know how much branches in vases for "textural height" make my eyes bleed hate blood.


and as if i wasn't already iffy on the whole candles in the fireplace thing...i am CERTAIN that candles in holders in the fireplace is fucking bullshit.  surrounded by fake ice chips and now i need a hannibal lecter mask bc someone is getting their face eaten.



was that fabric in the giveaway bin at zarin's?



what kind of bullshit designer puts those heavy clunky chairs in such a small space???

look at that..square chairs, square frames, square lamps, square table, square shelves, square pillow, square parquet. 


chocolate and blue accents.




enjoying the prints and the charcoal wall but overall this place has zero personality and sucks ding dong.

come back later bc we all need to have a RHODC discussion terribly.

images via new york social diary