operation-let-me-borrow-your-fancy-new-york-clothes- shirtsize: giant boobs

it just keeps getting better.

my new BFF herve made this comment on the latest:

dear Jenny ..
we need to meet !!!
i am so happy to read all the comments , and i am so not use to it !!
i would like you to come to see instead of my house , ( you know it !) but the Carolina Herrera design studio and sample room ( i shall give you a little tour including mrs Herrera's office !.)
how can i give you my email address in a more private way !!!! ahah !!
are you leaving in New York ?
let me know , iremain at your entire disposal .



it's real.

we have been emailing back and forth for the better part of the last hour.

he has agreed to an interview.

a tour.

and hours of macaron eating and diana vreeland gossiping.

(ok that last part is still just my imagination)

i am still hoping he lets me stalk his apartment.

it's way more interesting to me than stinky old carolina herrera and her ugly dresses. (-joke herve)

unless of course i get to try shit on.

better stop eating fudge.