i think i might learn more about politics..

 i am halfway thru the first episode of RHODC and i feel levels of excitement tantamount to a creme brulee IV or robert pattinson in a towel holding a basket of red velvet cupcakes and massage oil.

have you watched yet?

so far everyone sucks so good.

let's meet 'em!


married with kids. real estate agent. thinks she's the second coming of obama.

loves tyra banks.



married to rich guy named tareq. major chaffe.  hugs too much.  throws charity events and is kinda stoopid.



married to some douche dude. descendant of DC radio royalty.

has 129 kids. or 5, maybe? 

has finger print security device on her closet.

looks like eddie vedder.



married to fancy photographer who takes pictures of presidents.

man voice in a british accent.

weirdest and snobbiest.

has kelly bensimon crazy deep inside her (ok not so deep).



owns a modelling agency.

looks slightly like danielle staub.

younger, dark chocolate boyfriend.


there are the usual suspects:

forced relationships and awkward get togethers...


unassuming husbands...


salon visits:

consider your summer complete.