design turd episode 8: repurpose reuse recycle reshart

here we are.

episode 8.

here's to hoping for a triple elimination next week so i can get back to looking at things that don't suck.


alright, so this week hopes were high that the turds each had their own room to decorate.


teams of 2.

the turds got a call from vern to go to some fancy restaurant and eat breakfast together.

then vern shows up in a sweatshirtblazer to tell them they had to design a dining room inspired by the meal they just ate. (which consisted of tropical fruit salad, heuvos rancheros, empanadas and tamales)

but that's not all!!

the room they were using was full of furniture and it was their job to reuse what was there.

then mandice showed up in another mancoat:

here is one of the spaces before:

we'll call it grandma's dusky beaver..

the other space was basically the same only more masculine.

we'll call it grandpa's musty nutsack.

there isn't a picture.

but use your imagination.




here's some inspiration:

you with me?


so team granny is emily (huevos rancheros) and michael (tropical fruit salad).

here is their dining room:

kind of a snooze.

not sure who decided to tie those curtains back like that but i fucking hate it.

why couldn't they have let them hang??

it would have framed the window so much better.

emily made this groovy light fixture.

i have to give her props for this...though i don't see huevos rancheros...thank god??

up close it looks a little shoddy but the concept is brills.

she took fake flowers and glued them to the shade and then spray painted it all white to mimic porcelain.

while diy shit like this generally makes me want to vom i can appreciate homegirls efforts to make a statement fixture without the means to buy anything.

michael also did something awesome...

he took an existing mirror and glued a bunch of broken up granny tchochke angel head crap to it.

this is the result:

painting it black was a mistake simply bc you can't see the details..

and not very fruit salady either....thank god??


this scenario could have been better had they put more shit in it and opened the doors. the concept of taking ugly knick knacks and spray painting them was great..


where did the cole and son woods wallpaper come from?  pretty sure it wasn't inside granny's 


team grandpa was casey (tamale) and court (empanadas):

apart from courtland's very cool sconces made out of copper piping and a light bulb this room sucks buttholes.

the OBVIOUS eyesore being that fucking orange faux finished wall (i guess this is the empanada sauce?)

with the cheap looking folk art hanging on it..

and did they use the leftover eggplant paint from last weeks tuscan kitchen challenge?

yes, i see you too stupid fucking washboard hanging between the windows.

with all that dark brick why on EARTH would you go dark purple and dark stain and dark cabinet?

oh. and casey did the ottoman..or did....she??



here are your bottom 2:

 courtland goes home to his "girlfriend".

not sure why michael is there.

but i really don't fucking care at this point.

my guess is casey wins.