nothing feels fresh or new to me anymore.

this month's house beautiful sealed the deal.

specifically the cover.

everything about this space feels dated to me.

the popular fabrics look like grandma farted them out.

and i am all for mixing several patterns together but this is fucked up.

and i don't even know what to make of the art..

i think i am just beyond over the arrangement.

the art itself isn't bad.


but this not-so-fresh-feeling emanating from my design vagina is making me angry.




my friend raina tells me that these magazine spreads are shot sometimes months in advance, maybe a year even..

which seems entirely fucked up to me.

a year ago i might have liked this room.

ok maybe not but you get the point.


the real problem here is that as a design blogger i need inspiration or else all of my posts are going to be tv show recaps (trust me i know some of you wouldn't mind this one bit but that recap shit takes tiiiiiiiime).


so i thought today would be a great day to post some of the shit i hate or that is starting to give me chronic vaginal dryness...

and after i want you to do the same.

in the comments section i want you to tell me the shit that makes your eyes bleed.

and along with that comment post a link to a picture of it.

and what i will do is take the pictures and do a follow up post..

i am pretty sure we can change the universe this way..

blogging is powerful!


ok, here we go!


numbers 1 &2:

art with words and/or letters in them AND hung in a clusterfuck arrangement.  let's stop calling it "gallery style" it makes me murdery.



yep. sunbursts.


and i HAVE ONE!!!!


rest assured i just punched myself in the face.



bar set up on a bar cart.

i am not over the bar set up entirely..

i think it is functional

(though i haven't poured a drink from mine one time)

therefore it doesn't make me too too filled with diarrhea madness.

instead i like this option:

a chest of drawers.




these fucking train station subway bus stop things.

i have been over these for a long time.

in fact i think i liked them for half a second.


and on furniture too???




these fucking banner garland things used for anything other than a fucking party.


in fact just about every crafty handmade home decor is on shaky ground with me.

in fact etsy can go fuck itself.

ooooo i'm angry!!!



while not a design trend it is a word a lot of you design bloggers use.

and you are dead to me until you stop using it.

this is how gay you are:


there are more.


i know you got 'em.

let's hear it!!