trendz you hate part 2..

let me first say thank you for contributing to this little science experiment.  and for (the majority of you) taking it lightly. 

this isn't meant to crush dreams.

love what you love and the rest of us can fuck off..

and i think now is a good time perhaps to address some of my newer readers..


i cuss a lot.

if you don't like it, fuck off.

this isn't sunday school.

this is my house and you all are my guests.

and no, my cussing isn't a trend.  if that's possible.

i really do cuss.


see "MFAMB you say fuck a lot"..

i also talk about poop and farting, frequently.

i don't sugar coat things.  i tell it like it is.

and when i am wrong about something i try to make it right.

see here.


welcome to my favorite and my best.


let's get started...


white kitchens and white subway tile:


ok.  this isn't a trend. this shit is classic.

i mean what are your options?

cherry? barf.

my feeling is that white is never a trend.  

so long as you keep the lines modern in a white kitchen it will always be timeless.

and subway tile is waaaaaay better than most of the other options i have seen.

i think this "classic" is a great canvas for you to work the real trendz into and then be done with them when

they show up on this blog everywhere. 




this isn't a trend!

this is a fucking necessity of life!!!

if you have kids or pets

then these are a lifesaver..

(double offender- slipcovers IN a white kitchen)

there are rules though!

1.  they must be tailored to the specific piece of furniture they are covering.  

none of this shit:

2. they must be goodlooking.  see above.

3. loosefit slipcovers are best left to the european chateaux/countryhouses where nothing ever looks bad.




i am on the fence here.

sometimes, like the above photo, people just use them all wrong!!

but in general i think they can be really cool.


greek key:


still rocks my box.

in small doses though people.



hermes boxes as decor:


yeah.  sometimes i think...ooooh look how pretty that orange looks in that spot!! (see above)

and then i go...but could we get any more pretentious here?? (see above above)



belgian style/industrial cart coffee tables:

i'm gonna have to agree on the cart tables...

they have become synonymous with belgian style , plus they're at pottery barn!!!

but belgian style itself has evolved slightly..

i'll take the modern, sparse approach to belgian style:

chances are if you're a neutral girl/gay you still love this look when done well.



plates on the wall:

gonna have to agree.

i'm over these.

as i raise my hand in offense.


mfamb has plates on the wall, plates on the wall...lookin like a fool with her plates on the wall..

trying to find replacement art as we speak.

i can assure you it won't be anything like this:






or this:
o to the motherfucking ver.

(don't take it personally.  i don't give a fuck what you hang on your walls!)



eames shell chair:

i know it's a classic but i'm sick of looking at it too.

every hip, skona hem flea market chic loving blog features them

it's become a signature chair to own if you love this style.

it's like the one splurge item in a house where everything else is from ikea.



fabric covered rocks:

i can't believe i wasted 5 minutes finding examples of this bullshit.

you'd better be glad they're covered in fabric when i throw them at your face for ever making, buying or featuring them on your blog/magazine with the words swoon or j'adore attached.





this is a trend if ever there was a trend.

this whole look is so affected i can't even look at it without wanting to sword myself.

unless you are old and crazy with your taxidermy pet there is really no excuse for this poser behavior.




ya know, i don't mind them here and there..

and i know the rule of thumb is only in a house near the beach..

but even then it can suck if they are everywhere.

if you have a collection of them display them like a. wentworth above.

the rest of the decor in that room is based around that seashell collection above..


this, however, is a no:

(triple offender, burlap, shells and slipcovers!)



candles in the fireplace:

in the case above i think it looks kinda pretty.

in the case below i think it sucks ass:

but i am pretty sure this is due to the fact the everything about the second picture is ugly.

specifically one of my personal not favorites- sticks in a vase.

sticks in a vase, sticks in a vase...lookin' like a fool with yer sticks in a vase.