has everyone seen the new lonny rue?

did you give it one of these?


maybe one of these:

here's my 4.3 cents...

after the last 2 mfamb posts it has been virtually impossible for me to look at interiors and not spot trend offenders before noticing anything else.



100% of them were present.

so i guess i am fucked.

i might as well start blogging about goats.


there was a lot of pretty in there, sure.

but nothing exciting.

this month's elle decor on the other hand blew my balls off.


perhaps the most disturbing thing about this first issue of rue was this haircut-sweater-kimono-feet quartet:

how do you all feel about the lonny format similarities?

is this ok with you?

it's ok with me, so ya know.

anything else you care to share?

how's your weekend going so far?