the shitness

 when i first saw this pretty bedroom i was like...gahhhh!!! goooobbers!!  schnizzlefronds!!

it's julian and olatz schnabel's bedroom in new york.

but before that glorious bed was in that room it was in this one:

also stunning.

the schnabel's have quite the art collection (that's a picasso way up tippy top)

not that julian's own art is to be scoffed at.

plenty of his work is on display at museums across the world.

he is one of my favorites for sure.


also in this house is this room:

and this one:


and all said rooms are in this house:

look at that thing!!

so any of you new yorkers seen this pink behemoth and wondered who lived there or what it was?

anyone ever been inside it?

i take it the schnabel's don't live there anymore as my first pic is obv. in another house altogether.

give me the savvy new yorker scoop!!