how do you top the greatest blog post of all time?

do i pull a ricky gervais and leave after only 2 seasons of extras?

an amanda bynes, retiring at age 12?

look at halle berry-

after her oscar for monster's ball she went on to do catwoman.

i don't want to give you catwoman.

but it seems too anticlimactic to go back to talking about pretty rooms...



i pondered talking about my boobs:

those things are beasts!!!

but i don't really want to talk about my boobs, do you?

i mean, if you want to we can.

we can discuss how cheap clothes don't fit and i can't afford nice clothes so i cry every time my 15 dollar bra breaks.  

or no matter what i wear i look like a slut.  or a fat, homeless person.



if i could churn out awesome videos all day every day i would. but that shit takes time. and i am not the one who has to do the hard work.  mike is, and he wants bj's in return.  and at the end of the day who wants to give a bj?



it's back to posting about pretty rooms.

jizzing on cupcakes.

pictures of fiona being awesome.

housewives and their dumb lives.

and just general, boring coolness.



symmetry. good.




kids room. good.



fur blanket. plaid pillows. good.