maureen's louisville craigs...

 it's been a while since i posted a craigslist search for a client...

mainly out of fairness to the client..

i don't want a bunch of you knuckleheads snatching up all the good shit i find before the client has a chance to!

i just said 'client' 3 times.

anyway, this time is different.

maureen doesn't live in louisville yet.

she is moving there and this is sort of a trial run.


here criteria was this:

"I like nice! Simple antiques - not too much mahogany - lighter. Biedermeier. Traditional - some contemporary. I don't like cheap or mid-century modern. I am not nearly as clever as you are with the sanding and painting, so any item would have to be redone by a craftsman"


oversize wingback chair-$50

great price.  

new upholstery yes. and fast.



wingback chairs- $100 for the pair

again great price.

the upholstery isn't the worst ever. depending on your room i suppose this teal green could work. a couple of leopard pillows on both would help their cause.



pottery barn 5x8 kilim- $125 

great rug. a classic. offer 100.


wool tufted 5x8 rug- $125

love it.

modern, interesting, good.

would work well with traditional furniture.

keep it from looking too stiff...and traditional.


marble top, brass base table- $25

cute. not cookie cutter.  price=amazing.



unique french country bench- $80

cute for a kids room. spray paint it. new upholstery.

talk that price way down.


couch- $375

nice shape.

add some bright pillows. 


baker writing desk- $350

love it.  you could paint it a pretty gray blue...

or leave it as is. just polish it up.

great as a desk or as a bedside table/desk or even in an entry.

offer 200.


chandelier- $150

i want this so very badly.

living room, dining room, entry, bedroom...whatever.

this this rocks and it's only 150 dollars!!!!?!?


vintage red and white metal table- $10


kid's bedside table.

bathroom storage.


animal print chairs- $40

this woman has a bunch and they are only 40 dollars.

and they are very cute.  for that desk up there, duh.

or flanking your fireplace, doubleduh!


vintage french vanity- $175

such a pretty piece.

i am fairly sure i would take the mirror off and either use it as a desk or bedside table/vanity and/or get a new mirror.  the original feels too heavy.


sofa- $150

great shape. very unique piece.

i am dying to see the bottom close up.

i would definitely upholster it immeds.


brass bench- $10

in an entry. this fabric: 



padded kilim benches- $40

i think this is the same woman who does the animal print chairs.

they re cute, no?  


small bench- $45




antique metal bed- $150

so unique and pretty.

guest room.

you could do a whole room around this most awesome bed.



chair- $35

this chair looks like tortoiseshell and it's making me a little sweaty.

buy this. now.  

35 dollars.



antique empire chest- $150

are you fucking kidding me?

are YOU fucking KIDDING ME?

that shit is worth waaaaaaaay more than 150 dollars.


i love louisville craig!!!!!

people are charging craigslist prices not 1st dibs prices.

that is refreshing.

and good for maureen.