yesterday and the future

me and freckles had an awesome lunch yesterday.

we both split a pretzel with some kind of cheesy mustard butter.

he thought it was good, i thought it tasted like buttholes.

the pretzel however was yummy.

warm, fresh, salty...

have it's babies.


we talked.

about being famous.




lame comments.

like commenters who ask a question when the answer they seek is actually written in the post.

we both hate that.

we looked at awesome (expensive) rugs at verde home.

i want to have lunch with him at all times.

brian is:


really, really smart.

really, really funny.

he talks really fast.

like meth fast.

his eyes are the color of caramel.

no, really...never seen anything like it.

we are gay for each other.

there is more to come from this magical pairing.

so stay tuned.


in other news:



image via mary mcdonald's new book the allure of style

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