this is like fashion week for design nerds and i need to be the zoe..

 why has no one told me about this??

apparently this is like the mother of all trade shows.

in paris.


also apparently a shitbasket of bloggers are there.

and i am jealous.

paris people!!!

 the latest design trends at your fingertips for touching, humping and mounting.

all of these images are from last year.

as this year is happening like, today!

so for next year i am taking donations for my flight over so that i can report on this shit!

for you!!!

me and my film crew mike will be there to cover it for you bc i think you need to know..

who else is gonna shoot you straight with...

"this pixelated couch is how much dollars?!?!?!"

"fuck you pixelated couch maker, that shit is ugly"



"can i get 2,000 of these asian things for my closest friends...we will all blog about them?!"


and who doesn't want to see me take a nap on this settee?



and you know you want me to upload pics for you like this so you can get started right away doing this type of thing in your own house...

i mean you can get all of this information from

boring mcsnoozeypants


fun mcawesomeface

lets get this shit going for next year people.

i must go to paris and jizz all over it.


images via the paris apartment, apt. therapy, your mom, and me