shit y'all...

 there are some pretty places on this earth...

the sun and trees working their magic so pretty.



russian baltic cliff pretty.



norway. fjords. pretty.



more norway.


mist in yer face.


tears for france.


irishy pretty.


creep pretty.





 yodelayeeeoooo pretty.


road to probably heaven.



small village pretty.


new zealand yo.


take a walk and chop some wood and then light a fire and drink some tea pretty.


go fishing and then eat fermented trout and drink some kind of fermented berry and get norway drunk pretty.


it's getting weirder isn't it?




 creepin next to a misty river pretty.



flowers growin on a castle and a sneaky have to look twice for the cave pretty.



scary don't walk to the ocean cuz it's gonna eat you pretty.



i wanna have christmas here pretty.


fall down that hill and you could die but i don't care i'd still risk it every day pretty.

what'cha guys doin today?

we went to piedmont park and played and then went to flip burger and got fat.