i made progress today.

no fabric was shopped.

but that's bc a friend told me about metallic linen.


i know.

me too.

so i am holding out for the fabric fairies (you) to lead me in the general direction of it's whereabouts.

the wood is looking puh-retty!

it still needs another round of stripping..

but i am really happy with it so far.


proud and somewhat birdbrained looking face..

in my defense it was 4000 degrees outside and i almost fainted from fumes twice.

also this is no makeup and no shower and no hair washing for 3 days.

i am grosser than gross at all times.


but i have looked at this room at least 5 times today...

if you are cool like me then you are super excited about the return of america's next top model tonight.

i might recap it.

or i might not.