dear blogfest 2011

it is 4:39- oops make that 4:40 PM on a wednesday and i am on my second glass of shiraz.

what's that mean?

it means i'm awesome.


what's my point?

let me break it down...

blogfest 2011 is approaching and i keep getting tweets telling me there are only, like, 5 spaces left.

five spaces left?!?!?!

what the FFFF, is justin beaver going to be there?!?!!!!


well blogfest people, i totally want to go!!


 a.) my new BF newell turner will be there (way better than beaver)

b.) this shit is happening: and i really wanna hear this.



c. a lot of really really cool people that i totes wanna hump respect will be there...


but once again i am light in the wallet.


it's only 100 dollars and that's not a lot of money to some people and i could probably swing it in a week or so,

but right now that may as well be 1 million dollars.

but if you could "reserve" a space for me that would be awesome.


need proof that i am worth a free reservation?

exhibit a:

i have a crown.

that = importance.


exhibit b:

i have cool "friends".


exhibit c:

i grew that. 


exhibit d (for drunk):

no explanation necessary i feel.


ok then.

lemme know.


charity farts,

***my friend susie just informed me that registration is full.  all we can do is be put on a waiting list.