not so secret..

 was going to keep it a secret...

but i decided i wasn't really sure why i was doing that..

i might need all of your support so..


look out mandice, verngina and el gordo..

you guys have better upped your game this year bc i am coming to divide and conquer.

i promise to never do a mural unless one is asked of me and even then i will side-eye the camera (for you dear will be like my little carol burnett ear tugging thing) and at least try to accomplish something that's not farty.

i have zero point zero zero design experience so that should be interesting.

unless you count craigslist skills and moodboarding as design experience.

but i am fairly certain that i can decorate a room with furniture and art and make it functional and pretty.

i suppose that's what it's all about right?

that and the fact that my personality is funsies.




that's what i am going to be doing on saturday.


so please leave a comment here if you are a reader (in case hgtv is listening) and let them know how super excited you are to see me on this show and that you will watch and stuff.


i saw vern yip in the car the other day and i waved to him and pointed and he never waved back so i count that as a sign.


famous farts,