exhausted but excited


i cannot thank you all enough for leaving comments in the last post.

my heart is full of brownie batter because of you. 



i have spent that last 2 days running around like crazy trying to spruce up my house.

apparently for this design star audition they need something called a..



so i have been adding, subtracting, borrowing, crying, worrying, freaking out, dreaming, and yes, of course..


i am nothing without my blowhole. 


anyway...my little rental house has never looked prettier.

i spent a good portion of the day today trying to take pictures.

which was almost a complete wash due to the grayest of cloudy poopy days. 

so i am back at it tomorrow.

this is all part of my


which will include my "work" (go ahead and giggle, i am)

here's a sneak peak of a spot the camera actually made love to ..




(as in turner)




that shit is legit!! 


design turds here i come!!!!


*but still say prayers, do rain dances, drink blood and slaughter goats