when words aren't enough..

i am floored at the number of comments left on my behalf over the last few days.

and all of them positive.

like real positive.

this blog had almost 7,000 hits yesterday.

that is a freakshow number.

i don't want to say too much, bc frankly, i can't think of the right words.

it's weird saying thank you on a blog anyway..

bc it just doesn't ever sound sincere.


i don't want to be funny here, or silly..

i just want to say i am....high.

that's the best way to describe this feeling.

and who doesn't like to feel high?


in a few hours i am going to pick up my best girl molly and we are heading out to kick candice in the crotch!

(and i mean that in a loving blow her socks off way..)

video tape of experience to follow.


another peek:


real love,