M i N T Y pillows coming soon

i geeked out yesterday at the fabric store.


pillows are about to be made for you to buy.


they are not ready yet.

settle down.


 you will love them a lot.


  for starters this is what u will get..

(sorry about the iPhone pics. they are iSad)

cardinal red linen bolsters with gray and white greek key trim.

dumb good.



the most amazing thick and rich camel wool velvet pillows in euro (26  x 26), 20 x 20 and 24 x 24 with 

delicious candy pink velvet cording.




silver-gray and cream linen zebra pilluhs (20 x 20 + 24 x 24) with bright yelluh cording.

shut it down.



i got 4 vintage bolsters at an estate sale (long and lean and cool)..

2 will be done up in charcoal flannel with hot pink chinoiserie toile cording.

the other two will be the opposite of that.  




and this plaid is stupid looking in pictures but in person it's soft and tweedy and a little green, a little blue, a little cream, a little aubergine and a little rust.

and it will be 2 euros (26 x 26) with LAVENDER VELVET CORDING!

shut. it. right. the. fuck. down.




M i N T Y  YA'LL!!!!