it's wednesday

and you know what that means!!


it means american horror story is on tonight..

that's what that fucking means!!!


i realize i may be jumping the gun and overly excited about a show that 

has only been on once..


and that it could easily go south..


much like my shaving habits this time of year..


but i honestly haven't been this pumped up about a show since

diff'rent strokes spun out the perfectly woven tale of 7 eastland school girls.


i'm talkin about the facts of life.

the facts of life.


 and as you can see i am one of the smartest regarding TV show choices and life choices.



if i were oprah and had a book club and if this show were a book it would be on my list.


i give this 3 out of 4 heads.

i give it a 'holy-shit-you-caught-me-taking-a-shit' element of surprise head.

and a 'what-the-fuck-just-happened-that-person-just-got-murdered-and-they're-already-a-ghost-head.

and a dylan-mcdermott-is-naked-again head.


watch my oprah selected, 3 head rated favorite new show.


 tonight at 10 EST on FX set your dvr's or watch in real time.

i don't bc i am old and have to get up early.

i watch on thursday.

let's all watch and discuss on friday.



 floating head farts,